Commit to the 30-Day Challenge and take your fundraising to the next level in the final month leading up to The Ride.

It’s the 30-Day Challenge! Take your fundraising to the next level during the final month before The Ride!

The 30-Day Challenge consists of four unique weekly challenges. Each Monday we will post the top fundraisers who completed the previous week's challenge. Be sure to bookmark this page to see where you’ve ranked!

How It Works

Complete all four challenges, and you’ll receive:

  • A special badge on your personal page
  • An entry to win 1 of 15 VIP Hospitality Passes on the Ride Weekend

One grand prize will be awarded to the top fundraiser who completes all 4 challenges with a Special VIP Tenting Experience and a VIP Hospitality Pass!

What you win

Commit to the challenge! Take a pledge of commitment to the 30-Day Challenge.

Bonus! The first 150 riders to take the survey and commit to the challenge will receive VIP Bike Parking on the event.

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June 30 Day Challenge

Challenge 4: Top Fundraisers

Randall Dagenais Raised: $2,700
Manon Gosselin Raised: $2,500
Louise Gougeon Raised: $2,502
Allyson Leboeuf Raised: $5,030
Challenge 1
  1. 1. Juan pablo Fajardo
  2. 2. Richard Rabinovitch
  3. 3. Christine Owers
  4. 4. Louise Gougeon
Challenge 2
  1. 1. Richard Provost
  2. 2. Taylor Mactavish
  3. 3. Kenneth Hawke
  4. 4. Christine Owers
Challenge 3
  1. 1. Richard Provost
  2. 2. Gerlando Renna
  3. 3. Karine Brousseau
  4. 4. Kenneth Hawke